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Each documents are church property, tampering with church property without authorization is a form of trespassing and is agaisnt the Law,
old files a few years old maybe already deleted by the (Adminstrators) to help reserve space.


Mt.hope Board of Trustee's

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1099 misc-Section8.pdf Downloads
2016 Property Assessments.pdf Downloads
Application For Funds.pdf Downloads
ATT PhoneAccount.pdf Downloads
Boiler_Invoice.pdf Downloads
CBaker-Adjustment Notification-2016.jpeg Downloads
CCLI-CCL-LicenseCertificate.pdf Downloads
CCLIMusicRight-part1.pdf Downloads
CCLIMusicRight-part2.pdf Downloads
CCLIMusicRight-part3.pdf Downloads
Check Request Form.pdf Downloads
Church deed part109252016.pdf Downloads
Church deed part209252016.pdf Downloads
Church Insurance Policy-2017-pg1.pdf Downloads
Church Insurance Policy-2017-pg2.pdf Downloads
Church Insurance-2017.pdf Downloads
Commercial Crime CoverPart.pdf Downloads
Commercial Crime Pg 1.pdf Downloads
Commercial Crime Pg 2.pdf Downloads
CopyrightCCIL ChurchLists.pdf Downloads
Coverage Part backOf Pg1.pdf Downloads
Coverage Part backOf Pg2.pdf Downloads
Coverage Part Declaration pg1.pdf Downloads
Coverage Part Declaration.pdf Downloads
Coverage Part Liability Pg3.pdf Downloads
Coverage Part Liability.pdf Downloads
Coverage Part Pg2.pdf Downloads
Coverage Policy Package Back.pdf Downloads
Coverage Policy Package.pdf Downloads
Coverage Policy Package2016 pg2.pdf Downloads
Coverage Policy Package2016.pdf Downloads
Coverage Property backOf pg1.pdf Downloads
Coverage Property pg1.pdf Downloads
Coverage Property pg2.pdf Downloads
deed part109252016.pdf Downloads
deed part209252016.pdf Downloads
DumpsterCompany.pdf Downloads
Duplexes Rental Application.pdf Downloads
HastingIns2017-pg1.pdf Downloads
HastingIns2017-pg2.pdf Downloads
HastingMutual_Ins_Repair.jpeg Downloads
HastingMutual_Ins_Repair_002.jpeg Downloads
HastingMutual_Ins_Repair_003.jpeg Downloads
HastingsL_Umbrella Liability-2017.pdf Downloads
Hom-Depot-Quote-Pardon-2017.pdf Downloads
HomeDepot Estimate.pdf Downloads
How 2 apply 4 a Loan..pdf Downloads
MemberAddress List.pdf Downloads
Plumbing Inspector Invoice2016.pdf Downloads
Property Assessments-Backpage.pdf Downloads
Republic Waste.pdf Downloads
United Meth Contracts09252016.pdf Downloads