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Here is where we keep you up-to-date about Mt.hope Church & it website.

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New Mt. Hope

Mt.Hope Church have changed, it now Professional Spiritual Innovative, It's not the Old Mt.Hope walk-in and have it your way anymore.
Everyone is welcome to come and be part of the New Mt.Hope, we think you Love it!. A lot of our in office Forms & Applications can be done online this will save you time and a trip from driving down to the church. Check the Online Secretary Office.
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Address lists

Update or change your address on the church Address Lists.
Will help us to keep in touch with you,and keep you posted what going on at Mt.Hope Church. Access a full copy of the Church Members Address Lists for MEMBERS ONLY. (must sign-In)
Post a message to share with the church members.
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Prayer Requested

Post a prayer request for you or someone else.
Your prayer request is via sent directly to the Pastor of mt.hope , no waiting.
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Rental Application

For faster service do the duplex rental application online, first In, First Check.
The rental application will via delivery to the church Board of Trustee's members to look over we will contact you After the trustee's board has look over the applications. Other applications available online are Community Services, Rent space application.
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Suggestions, Opinion, Blog

Because the Church Trustee's board room is an Open door, we let you Have your Say or Suggestions about the Trustee Hot Topics which is online in the Trustee room. Now you can keep up with the trustee's board member & What they are doing on Hot Topics situations and open your mouth if you want too. Only mt. hope trustee board members(9) can Vote, we may use your comment,opinion to do the work of the Lord for mt.hope church. Every 3rd month on the 3rd Sunday Trustee board meeting, we will post a message on the website of the trustee business of the 3rd month you may look at it and have your Say. Your suggestions may be voted on by trustee's board members or it may not be voted on, it will be up to the the Trustee's board members. Open Hot Topics in the Trustee board room.
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Documents in the Cloud...

Mt. hope documents are now kept in the cloud's on the church website, go to the secretary office check out "Documents In The Cloud" must sign in to download documents. View more »

Landlord and Tenant

Must Sign In to Access: Policy and Contracts between the Landlord(Mt.hope church) and Tenants(Dup-19009-19015 ONLY.)In Secretary Office, your account may take 24 hrs before it ready to access please check back later if you have any problem. Thank you Administrator. View more »