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    First of all you won't get anywhere on this page if you not a mt.hope church member, you must login.
    your account must have church member level to have access in this area.
    If you are a member and cannot access this page: Contact Administrator or church Pastor to get church member level.
    Discount Renting, Leasing or Loan to mt. hope members
    Mt.hope member application for loan out of church properties.
    Mt.hope member can use Short rental form for one Time or less than a month events.

    Member Rental Forms for Church member

    Short rental form are only for the One Time Events.
    All long terms may require a leases contract agreements.


    TO Share with the church members, school, stores, library, community locations, Job locations, contact major entities ex, Urban league, NAACP.

    We Are Available For Short rental Form:

    Special Events-Meetings-Square Dances- Potlucks - Volleyball bring you own court - Culinary classes- Work Trianing Seminars - Baby Showers - Fitness Classes - Conferences - Wedding Receptions - Career Fairs - Funeral.
    - Indoor Walking, Jogging & Praying Club - Family Reunions - Scrapbooking Classes - Craft Shows - Rummage Sales - Plays. Need space for a class room, we have space to rent for your next class room tutoring. 4 months is minimum leasing, Max leasing is one year.
    Lease agreement contract is Required.

    Special Prices:

    Discount for mt.hope members the trustee board member will consider the price for member.


    For safety reasons, candles may only be used by special arrangement and permission from the Pastor.

    Trustee Services:

    Heads of committees are to notify the trustee of various meetings request entry into the church including time of leaving so that the trustee will able to open and close the building. If set-up of tables and chairs needed please request in advance. The trustee is required to open and closed the church for All meetings or makes arrangement with authorized closer.