Trustee's Invoice Worksheet Area:

Open work documents of what repairs, replacements, is Present or Past done around the Church and duplexes property
by church Trustee member or outside contract with cost to the church.
Because the Trustee's board has an open floor policy to all church member, you have the right as a member
to know what we are using the church money for at all time. This area will help to keep you updated.
Thank You : Trustess Chair.

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Posted_date: Work done by: Descriptions:
12-21-14 Clarence Baker Replace two broken windows at 19009 Morang.Labor 1 hour(min $25/hr)=$25. Parts: Windows were supplied. reimbursement total=$45.61 Edit | Details | Delete
01-01-2015 Robert Borum 19009 morang furnace cutting off.Robert remove the thermo needle and clean it, this furnace cannot be turn off at anytime doing winter months. No Labor charged. Edit | Details | Delete
01-22-2015 Na The smell in bathroom is caused by collapsed floor drain traps in floor. Repair quote; 1,800 per drain. Other quotes pending. Frozen pipe work for women's bathroom; estimate forthcoming. Clarence Edit | Details | Delete
03-30-2015 Robert Borum Replace furnace enlighter at duplex 19009 no heat, look for part Sunday, found part on Monday. Labor cost $85.00 + part $48.00 REPLACE 1. Edit | Details | Delete
12-03-2016 Robert Borum 19009 no heat, Blower Motor sticking won't turn or running, full of dirt. Had to remove from furnace taking to Deronnie hardware for repair, they blow the dirt out and got it run cost $5.00 no receipt. blower motor didn't work had to replacement. Labor cost $65.00, purchase New blower motor from Ciamillo heating-cooling-plumbing (586-756-0180). Edit | Details | Delete
12-26-2016 Robert and Keith Keith painted the men restroom in the basement, Robert purchase New heater for the lady restroom in basement help keep pipes in toilet from freezing. Need to fix the radiate heater in the lady restroom would probably fix the problem. Edit | Details | Delete
12-27-2016 Robert and keith Keith clean the ceiling in the upstairs balcony, Robert work in the lady restroom on the main floor. Edit | Details | Delete
01-02-2017 Pastor Shaw & Chase Replace main water pipes on the boiler, they was rusted and corrosion about to break off. Edit | Details | Delete
01-02-2017 Robert & keith Fix the upstairs toilers(2) in lady restroom main floor replace both flushometer kits,and replace toilet seat 1 toilet and flush handle on the other toilet in the men restroom in the basement. The toilets upstairs wouldn't flush. Edit | Details | Delete
01-23-2017 Robert Borum Duplexes parts for the Furnaces enlighter(4). Replace 1 given to Clarence Baker for(duplex 19015) to replace. 3 more left in storage. Each one cost $25.00. Parts was purchase from check Larry Condino give to Robert. Parts available in storage 3-Ignitors ID-S.E.10, ES.02,ES.03 in Pastor office file cabinet 2 draw. Edit | Details | Delete
7-25-2017 Robert and Benard. Install an New Air Condition in the Secretary Office. Robert and Diane pickup from Lowe's Hardware store on 13 mile & Gratiot. Edit | Details | Delete
9-29-17 Robert and Roosevelt Hill Replace shower head in bathroom, Roosevelt repair the kitchen ceiling. Edit | Details | Delete
01-02-2018 Robert & Roosevelt Hill jr. Robert & Roosevelt replace upstairs kitchen faucet in the parlor, 2hot water stems in the lady restroom faucet and 1 hot water faucet stem in the men's restroom. Labor: $75, parts: $91.22. Edit | Details | Delete
3-11-2018 Robert Borum Purchase New Hot water tank for 19009 Duplex, Last tenant stole the one that was in there. Cost $407.68 donated by Robert. Edit | Details | Delete
06-27-2018 Robert Robert temporary stop water from leaking in the lady bathroom, need replacing old fixture with all new fixture for future. Edit | Details | Delete
08-31-18 Robert Borum Robert purchase and install 4 exit signs in the church that glow in the dark. Edit | Details | Delete
10-13-2018 Robert Borum Replaces thermostat at 19009 morang duplex, heat wouldn't come on. Edit | Details | Delete
11-25-2018 Brother Bernard Jone Someone broke out the parlor window breaking into the church replace by Bernard and replace small window in sanctuary. Edit | Details | Delete
12-2-2018 Robert Borum Robert purchase Windows sealer from Lowe's $20.00 so Bernard could replace windows at the church. Edit | Details | Delete
12-09-18 Robert Borum Robert gave Bernard $20.00 for 2 outlet plugs replacement for the duplex at 19009 Jessica to replace them. Also fix a loose toilet at 19009 duplex within floor board. No charge to church. Edit | Details | Delete
12-16-2018 report by Robert Upstairs balcony need new plug outlet replacement. basement water meter room need cleaning. Edit | Details | Delete
01-02-2019 Robert Borum Replace toilet seat in men bathroom and security toilet bowl to floor. Cost $26.09 No charge to the church. Edit | Details | Delete
01-03-2019 by Robert purchase 2 news computer keyboard for the church. Cost $7 each not expensive. No charge to church. Edit | Details | Delete
02-19-2019 Brother Bernard Jone Replace washer faucet in the men bathroom "Hot and Cold Side" in the basement. Faucet still leak a little possible need replacement. Edit | Details | Delete
02-21-19 Bernard & Robert Bernard replace "2 urine parts" one in the Men bathroom basement, the other one upstairs in the Men bathroom. Robert purchase the Parts from Atlas hardware. Cost $41.68 Edit | Details | Delete
02-28-2019 Pastor Shaw & Clarence Baker Replace a new revoir in the boiler room for the boiler. Edit | Details | Delete
04-02-2019 Robert Borum Today Robert and Ron replace the Alarm system battery. Robert purchase a new battery($28.61) from the Alarm place on 8 Mile. Edit | Details | Delete
4-13-2019 Roosevelt Hill jr. Gave Roosevelt $100.00 to purchase the supply for the church new steps and get start to replace them. Edit | Details | Delete
4-28-2019 Brother Bernard Young Robert gave Bernard Young cash $300.00 for material to do roof at 19009 morang. Money was taking the May 19009 rent. Edit | Details | Delete
09-28-2019 Robert Borum Robert went to home depot with Braxtor and purchase the downspout for the church roof. $29.63. Edit | Details | Delete
10-17-2019 Pastor Shaw & Robert Borum Purchase new Blower Motor for the blower to get the heat working at church. Pastor install the motor in the water meter room. Pastor Shaw fix the heat, now the Church has Heat Thank you P.S. Edit | Details | Delete
10-26-2019 Robert And Braxter Robert And Braxter went to home depot pickup Roof supply for the Mt.hope church roof, Braxter did the "Gutter, Sealing, restrict the gutter and nails on the walls. Supply cost $100.28 Labor: $150.00 Edit | Details | Delete